Determine the document flow to the sales order

EWM: Determine MATNR to MATID

SAP Barcode

Integration of barcodes as graphic object in an Adobe form

 In addition of generating a barcode using the object library in Adobe Lifecycle Designer, there is also the option of integrating a barcode as a graphic object / bitmap / XSTRING into an Adobe form.

Increase productivity in SAP projects by 30% with Jira and Confluence

Unfortunately, awareness of a web-based task and project management tool to increase productivity and quality in SAP projects is absent from most project managers. Instead, you use tools such as email, Excel and sharepoint to manage tasks, track appointments or create test plans.

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SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

Change data of an SAP object with qRFC

In many cases it is necessary to change the data of an object once it has been saved. Reasons for this may be: There is no corresponding userexit to manipulate data of the object before saving. The corresponding fields are available only after saving, with the help of which you want to manipulate the data […]

SAP Bestellung

Synchronize purchase order language and output language

When the message of a  PO is issued, in certain cases, the PO is issued in a mix of output language and another language. The aim should be that all elements of a PO are always printed in the message language. Just as it is the case with the formsin sales (invoice, etc.).

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Extend the VA05 and VA05N with additional or customer-specific fields

The transactions VA05 and also the VA05N should be extended by additional fields or customer-specific fields. Read more

DataMatrix Barcode SAP

Creating a GS1 DataMatrix Barcode with SAP Adobe Forms

In many companies there is now the requirement to mark products with a bar code of type GS1 Datamatrix directly from SAP. Unfortunately, the creation of a GS1 DataMatrix barcode is currently not supported in SAP standard. In particular, the FNC1 codes can not be inserted into a DataMatrix barcode. This fact is also indicated by the OSS note “1815093 – GS1 data matrix barcodes are not supported“.

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Extending the dialogue handling unit with user-defined fields

Customer-spezific fields should be displayed in the handling unit dialog, e.g. a customer enhancement of table VEKP. The following section shows how you can display customer-specific fields in the “Additional Data” view in the Handling Unit dialog. Read more

Create an SMTP connection from SAP to Office 365

Many companies use Office 365. This package also includes Microsoft Exchange to send emails. The following tutorial explains how to configure the e-mail outbox in SAP to establish an SMTP connection from SAP to Microsoft 365. As a result, you can then send emails directly from SAP.

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