SAP Bestellung

Synchronize purchase order language and output language

When the message of a  PO is issued, in certain cases, the PO is issued in a mix of output language and another language. The aim should be that all elements of a PO are always printed in the message language. Just as it is the case with the formsin sales (invoice, etc.).

The reason is that in the PO header there is afield EKKO-SPRAS, which is filled with the communication language of the supplier. The field EKKO-SPRAS also fills the output language (field NAST-SPRAS). If the output language is changed manually (for example, from DE to EN), parts of the PO will be issued in English and others in German.

Example of a PO with a mix of German and English

If the output language NAST-SPRAS is always the leading language, the output language EKKO-SPRAS must be filled with the output language NAST-SPRAS at the earliest possible point in the print program, that means to synchronize both languages.