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With our fiexed price SAP forms , you receive beautiful SAP form templates based on the technology of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. They are available in several languages ​​and can be used with minimal adaptations within a very short time. And this in several company codes under SAP ECC 6.xx and S/$HANA.

Our SAP Forms cover a wide range of industries in industry, trade and services. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from the rapid implementation and consistently low costs for SAP forms.

They are a useful addition to the strategy of  SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

SAP Formulare Softwarebox

The Plug & Play solution for SAP forms

Advantages of our SAP forms

Radical cost reductions
Fast implementation
Short project duration
Many elements can be changed without programming
Works in SAP ECC 6.xx and S/4HANA

Vorteile SAP Formulare mit solidforms

Features of our SAP forms

  • Reduce complexity - Clear separation of layout and data

    The primary goal in the development of our SAP form template was the reduction of complexity in form printing. A key component is the strict separation of layout and data storage. The form is only the carrier of the layout with all formatting options, nothing is hard-coded. The form content comes exclusively from the application object, customizing tables, standard texts or the graphics database. Individual programming is reduced to a minimum. The use of classes in conjunction with ABAP Objects in the print program increases the overview in data retrieval.

    Further information: SAP Form development

  • One form for all languages

    In SAP standard, a separate form is created for each language. This increases the complexity in the form development and leads to many errors in the productive environment. However, a solidforms form is only available once in the original language. All texts and fixed names are stored in a table in the desired languages ​​and can be maintained in a convenient transaction. Certain country-specific formatting options are entered for each company code, e.g. whether the address is printed on the left or right side. So the number of your forms always stays in a manageable number.

    Further information: Maintenance of lables  and translations with the solid.FormKit

  • Form customizing without programming

    With the solid.FormKit tools, you can easily tailor your SAP forms to your needs. In addition, each form template is equipped with a specific customizing function. This allows you to specify the content of certain forms without programming. E.g., you can decide which partner appears as the receiving address or what is the content of the “Material number” field.

    Further information: Customizing the forms with the solid.FormKit

  • Structure and discipline in form development

    With our SAP form templates, you are not only in the initial implementation phase in the fast lane. The architecture of the individual components channels individual developments in a specific order and disciples the form developer in all development  phases. So the form developer can also change from time to time, without destroying the  form every time in its basic structure.

    Further information: SAP Form development

  • High flexibility with appealing form design

    The form templates can be used immediately or with minor adjustments in many countries and industries. The use of the font Arial results in a clear look without frills, whether the form is now printed, faxed or e-mailed. In the form design, we have taken account of the specific characteristics of the languages, in addition to the requirements of the individual industries. An average word in Polish is approximately 30% longer than in German language. We have taken account of this by reserving spaces in the column width and the form variables.

    Further information: Example forms in Portfolio

By using our SAP form template, you and your users will have a lot of pleasure with SAP forms.

Our services for you

After the order has been mailed to us, we need access to your SAP system. In a short time, we implement the ordered forms, including all the components involved, on your SAP system in your namespace.

SAP Formulare Leistungen

Our Fixed price SAP forms include the following services:

  • Implement the form and all the components involved on your SAP system in your namespace
  • Detailed documentation of all components
  • Languages German and English
  • Implementation of the tools of the solid.FormKit with all presets
  • Optional: Workshop for form development of SAP forms with solid.FormKit tools
  • Optional: Further development of the SAP form according to your specifications


  • SAP ECC 6.0 or higher
  • Java Stack with Adobe Document Services
  • Provide a sufficient test case to test the functionality of all components

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