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The focus of our activity is the development of ABAP programs and forms for SAP ERP and SAP EWM as well as consulting on these topics. Our methodology leads to significant cost savings and quality improvements in the development and output of SAP forms. The project activity at the customer and our development location in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a symbiosis that is unique in our industry.

On the one hand, through our project work, we have access to the most economic regions of Germany in the customer area, are confronted with a wide variety of topics in many sectors and can take up new ideas. On the other hand, in Dargun / M-V, in a rural area, we bring our ideas to maturity, far from the hustle and bustle of conurbations.

Here, we can use our many years of experience in SAP projects to transform innovative ideas into products and bring them to perfection. Modern telecommunications also link us here with the economic centers of Germany and the rest of the world.

Impressions from Dargun

Cooperation with SAP freelancer developers

We have no permanent employees at solidforms. Rather, we work with selected  SAÜfreelancer developers.

Because of the following reasons.

The development of forms in the SAP community is not very popular. Rather, it is chic and hip to program SAP UI5, Fiori or mobile apps. This is often the case with the self-confidence of the form developers, who then try to get out of the SAP forms as quickly as possible.

Therefore, it is difficult to build a stable core of developers with many years of experience in the field of form development. The topic remains mainly reserved for junior developers.

What is the advantage of freelancers in comparison to their employed colleagues?

Freelancers look back on a long-term SAP experience. As a rule, they have worked for a number of years with an SAP service provider before they went into professional independence. And nothing is more valuable in our business than experience.

They are more likely to recognize the great business potential that SAP form development offers. Every industry has a need for services related to output management. Even in years of crisis, the SAP form development offers a good order situation. Freelancers therefore have a much higher motivation to work in form development in the long term with all its facets.

The people behind solidforms


Torsten Thon

  • 18 years experience in SAP application development and forms
  • Activities in many companies of various sizes and industry
  • Subproject management,
  • development and
  • trainer

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