SAP Adobe Forms Überschreiten Fonthöhe 3

Tutorial Adobe Scripting (2): Dynamic determination of the font height in an SAP Adobe form

In an SAP Adobe Forms form, the content of a field is to be displayed at a certain font height. However, it can be that the variable exceeds the size of the field when a certain number of characters are exceeded. In this case, the font height should be reduced. In the following a workaround […]


Tutorial Adobe Scripting (3): Calculation of subtotals and carry over per page in SAP Adobe Forms

If an SAP invoice has several pages, the sum of all the positions of the current page at the end of a page should be displayed. It is the classical demand for a representation of the carry over on a bill. Example We have an invoice with 3 pages.

SAP Adobe Forms Header of a table is missing from the second page

On SAP Adobe Forms output, table header does not display after second page if HeaderRow Pagination and Binding configurations are not correctly filled. On Adobe Form outputs if table header line HeaderRow of Table object is shown only on first two pages and missing after second page, ABAP programmer should check if below property settings are done for the table HeaderRow.

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