Here, your subproject SAP forms is in good hands

The form development is frequently underestimated in its complexity and its time requirements by the company and project management.

Since forms can only be created just before Go Live, forms are an important factor in overall project success.

In this environment a high methodological competence is expected for the management of the subproject SAP forms.

The goal of our project management is to turn the SAP forms into a lighthouse in the project.

JIRA and Confluence as a tool for project and knowledge management

With the use of JIRA as a tool for task and project management, you always have an overview of your SAP project. The execution of tasks becomes more transparent and much more efficient. In Confluence as a company wiki and knowledge database, you can document the project results and also access them at any time. With JIRA and Confluence from the Australian software company Atlassian you are always far ahead of your competitors in the project management.

If you are not yet using JIRA or Confluence, we can show you how best to use both tools with best practices.

Our services for you

For your SAP project, we offer you the project management of the subproject SAP Forms.

The projekt management of the subproject SAP forms includes the following topics::

  • Management of the subproject SAP forms
  • Creating a project plan
  • Craéating a und maintainance of a form list
  • Capture form requirements
  • Develop binding development guidelines
  • Development of test plans
  • Status tracking
  • Technical support for the form developers
SAP Formulare Leistungen

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