SAP Consulting – Transfering know-how from a specialist

The output of SAP forms can quickly become complex. Heterogeneous printer landscapes, mass printing of invoices, rollout of forms to other countries, or printing of labels are challenges that require expertise in many areas.

The complexity of the challenges requires a consulting approach that summarizes all topics in a uniform form strategy.

The goal is the embedding of the entire output management in SAP into a generally valid, coherent concept.


Our services for you

We offer consulting in the form of workshops and as remote consulting.

Here is a selection of our consulting topics:

  • One-day workshop on the topic of output management in SAP
  • Printer architecture in SAP
  • Form tools in SAP
  • Printing barcodes in SAP
  • Special printer functions, such as tray control, stapling
  • Connec external output management systems to SAP
  • Label printing in SAP
  • Label management in SAP
  • Email and fax in SAP
  • Print OMR marks
  • Setting Up SAP Forms for Envelope and Posting Machines
  • Migration of SAP Script and Smart Forms to Adobe Forms
  • Development of a global form template for all subsisiaries
  • Rollout of SAP forms to other countries
  • Training for the development of forms with the solid.FormKit
SAP Formulare Leistungen

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