Increase productivity in SAP projects by 30% with Jira and Confluence

Unfortunately, awareness of a web-based task and project management tool to increase productivity and quality in SAP projects is absent from most project managers. Instead, you use tools such as email, Excel and sharepoint to manage tasks, track appointments or create test plans.

Recently, you want to force the SAP project team to work with the SAP Solution Manager. However, the SAP Solution Manager is totally unsuitable for managing a SAP project.

The central criterion when choosing the project management tool for a SAP project is acceptance by potential users. The tool must be easy to use, it must not be overloaded with functions, it must have a modern user interface and permissions and roles must be easy to administer.

Here Jira can fully exploit its advantages in conjunction with Confluence. In a SAP project, many internal and external employees of the company are involved, who do not necessarily have to be IT-savvy. Precisely because you can control other corporate processes with Jira in addition to SAP projects, such as the workflow when hiring a new employee or following a marketing campaign, Jira shows a high level of acceptance among users.

Because Jira and Confluence are so easy to use, developers and consultants are now documenting their activities. Over time, Jira and Confluence become a unique, gigantic store of knowledge. I estimate that this increases work productivity in the project by at least 30%. How often could I use the search in Jira and Confluence to shorten the solution to a task where I would otherwise have started from scratch.

12 years ago I got to know Jira for the first time from a customer as part of a SAP project. Since then I have been an enthusiastic Jira fan. I have also been able to convince two Jira customers. However, most companies still trust email, Excel and Sharepoint as a project management tool or use a lousy ticket system. Unfortunately, Atlassian and its sales partners have not always recognized the potential of the Jira and Confluence products for managing SAP projects. If Atlassian were to launch a sophisticated marketing campaign here and a set of workflows, screens, project settings and SAP-specific fields (such as a transport order) preconfigured for SAP projects would already deliver, then Atlassian could significantly increase its corporate success.

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