Special knowledge for individual requirements

The requirements in development and output of forms as a central component of output management become more and more complex.

We are prepared for this diversity of required ideas and demanding wishes.

SAP Formulare Spezialthemen

  • Printing barcodes

    Printing barcodes in SAP has improved with every release. With the necessary barcode know-how using the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe you can now meet almost all barcode printing requirements with SAP standard. We support you, among others, in the following situations:

    • Encoding non-printable characters into bar codes (e.g., FNC1 code in EAN128 bar code)
    • Printing 2D bar codes (e.g., DataMatrix, PDF417, Maxicode)
    • Generate bar codes in SAP using RBARC from the company SuchyMIPS
    • Output of barcodes with exact specifications

    SAP Labelmanagement

    Further information: Strichcodefibel von Datalogic, Printing labels in SAPRBARC from SuchyMIPS

  • Printing on thermal transfer printer

    As before, printing on thermal transfer printers is a particular challenge in SAP. This is due to a lack of a generally binding technical standard for printer manufacturers. Here we are prepared for the following situations:

    • Direct thermal or thermal transfer printing
    • Special features at high printingvolume
    • High performance with time-critical output
    • Technical challenges for mobile label printers

    In most situations, we are able to pass all data to any type of thermal transfer printer via the SAP printing services Sapsprint / Sappdfprint using Adobe PDF forms.

    SAP Thermotransferdrucker

    First choice in the SAP environment:  Thermotransferdrucker von Zebra Technologies

    Further information: Etikettendruck in SAP

  • Complex printing scenarios

    A complex printing scenario can look like this. A customer orders an article in the online shop. The customer order in SAP is created via an interface and the printout of an order confirmation is triggered. The order confirmation is generated according to the following logic:

    • An original is printed on the printer of the contact person.
    • A copy is printed on the printer in the accounting department.
    • A copy will be sent by mail to the responsible representative.
    • An email will be sent to the customer.
    • A PDF of the order confirmation is stored in the archive.
    • A PDF file is stored in the portal in the customers account.

    Such complex printing scenarios are the high school of form development. The following topics are touched:

    • Show or hide the logo (by paper type)
    • Control of different output media
    • Output from several printer trayss (with and without logo paper)
    • Archiving
    • Place a form as a file
    • Output control
    • Control of copies
    • Printer control

    Further information: Consulting

  • Printing the production order with documents

    For certain production processes, the common printing of the forms for the production order and linked documents is necessary. Documents can be:

    • Technical drawings,
    • Graphics,
    • Certificates or
    • other accompanying documents.

    They are available as files in the DVS or its linked content management system, in the services for the object, the Business Document Service (BDS), the ArchiveLink or the SAP graphics database.

    Depending on the requirements, the printing scenario can be mapped completely using the tools of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, or an external software for converting certain file formats can be interposed.

    SAP Druck Fertigungsauftrag mit Dokumenten

    We offer you slim solutions which are individually tailored to your needs. With the following parameters:

    • Determine all linked documents according to given logic
    • Stamping the documents, e.g. with the production order number
    • Printing all papers into a common spool job
    • Pay attention to the output order
    • Output as PDF file

    Further information: Printing of product based components

  • Dynamic printing of graphics from the DVS

    On various external forms, e.g. offers and order confirmations, the printing of graphics, which are linked to an application object in the DVS, is desired. The graphics can be photographs that are intended to visualize a material in an order location for the customer.

    For this requirement, we have preconfigured modules, which we can implement quickly and cost-effectively in your SAP system.

    SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe supports the following formats for the integration of graphics:


    External conversion programs are required for other formats.

    Recommendation for a conversion program:  s.a.x. MasterLayout®
    Modul XDC 

    Further informatio: DVS Graphics Plugin 

  • OMR marks, enveloping and franking

    After the collection of invoices, a post street often takes the printed documents and passes them to an envelope and franking machine. In order for the envelope machine to correctly assign the invoices, an optical mark recognition (OMR) mark is printed on the form edge. The correct port is usually determined by a small barcode in the address window.

    You do not need to buy expensive third-party software, which is often tedious in the productive environment.

    Our solution to printing OMR markers is:

    • Fully integrated into the ABAP runtime environment of the SAP system,
    • Performant,
    • Flexibly expandable,
    • Can be parametrized by custumizing.

    First choice in the SAP environment: RBARC / OMR for SAP systems from Suchy MIPS

  • Tray control, feeders and tacks

    Depending on the used form tool, a paper tray on the printer is controlled differently. With SAP Script or Smart Forms you can enter the tray directly in the form, with Adobe Forms you have to make changes to the XDC files on the ADS server. Since, in the case of a heterogeneous printer landscape, the tray control can become very complex, a printing strategy must be worked out together with the network administrator, which defines conventions for future extensions. Above all, it is important to prevent the program or form from making fixed queries to a printer. You can do this on the following points.

    • Specify device types for each specific situation
    • Homogenize the printer landscape
    • Certain settings on the printer (including tying)

    In many situations, by connecting the printers via Sapsprint / Sappdfprint and using Adobe PDF forms, you are able to intercept complex controls of the trays via a Windows print server,

    Further information: Tray Handling in Adobe Forms

    SAP Formulare Schachtsteuerung und Tackern

  • Printer detection

    Most tasks in the printing process can be mastered using the SAP standard. For this, it is necessary for the form developer to know exactly the printing process and the corresponding organizational units of the application object. Organizational units can be:

    • Purchasing and sales organization
    • Plant and company code
    • Purchasing and sales group
    • Sales office, distribution channel, etc.

    SAP Formulare Druckerfindung

    With these criteria, many variations can be mapped with condition technology via access sequences. In exceptional cases, you can create a customizing table in which the printing process is controlled.

  • Email Output

    In the SAP standard, the email output of a form is usually done as follows:

    • Form as a PDF file as an attachment
    • Send to a single receiver
    • Limited possibility to design the email subject line
    • Email cover letter in many cases not possible at all

    Our Email Plugin for SAP forms offers more opportunities:

    Email Ausgabe von SAP Formularen

    • Send to multiple email recipients
    • Free design of the email subject line
    • Email cover letter for each form and company code
    • Attach additional files / attachments to the email
    • Popup to manually change all e-mail functions before output

    We also include the following constellations:

    • Attach linked files from document management, content servers, or generic object services
    • Sending the email as HTML mail

    Further information: Email-Plugin, Sending forms via Telefax und Email

  • Connect to an external output management system

    Output management systems (OMS) are used to represent complex printing scenarios or the processing of large print volumes at a given time. In this constellation, interfaces to SAP provide the external OMS with data. The OMS can be linked to SAP ERP directly or via SAP PI. The following challenges are to be mastered:

    • Supply the interface via an RDI data stream or via an IDoc
    • Programming of userexits and enhancements
    • Realization of a print image view in SAP
    • Archiving the documents generated in OMS

    The output of forms via an external output management system is much more complex than using the form tools in the SAP standard. In addition to the costly initial form development, an output management system entails annual license fees and a much more complex maintenance of the forms in productive operation.

    Anbindung eines Output Management Systems an SAP

    We can tell you in which situations using an output management system is useful and when you should leave your fingers off.

    Further information: Output-Management-Systeme from Neopost, Consulting

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