Intelligent printing of SAP EWM forms

If a company not only uses SAP ERP but also SAP EWM for maintaining processes in logistics, forms are also printed in SAP EWM.

SAP EWM forms generally require more effort in development than in SAP ERP.

There is no output control in SAP EWM. The output of forms depends on complex PPF actions or it must be individually developed in Badis.

SAP EWM Formulare

  • The data structures in the SAP EWM differ in essential points from those in SAP ERP. Several information required on the forms are not included in the standard SAP EWM and must be transferred from SAP ERP to SAP EWM via an extension of the CIF interface.
  • In many cases, classical methods of data selection, e.g. with Select statements, can not be used. Data selection is done by means of class methods, which the form developer must also know.
  • Many form developers are not familiar with SAP EWM and are entering new ground in the development of EWM forms.

Many companies use SAP EWM only in their large logistics centers. The logistics processes at other locations are still maintained using SAP ERP.

This leads to the fact that some forms in logistics have to be developed twice. And with all the consequences, such as translations, mapping of customer specifications and output of text modules. A classic example of this is the delivery note, which must then be developed both in SAP ERP and in SAP EWM.

Not only the initial development effort is increasing, but also the increase in the ongoing maintainance expenditure should not be underestimated. All controls of texts, customer and company code-specific specifications as well as the connection of the archive system must then be maintained in two systems.

Advantages of developing EWM forms with solidforms

Reduce the cost of developing SAP forms
Reduction of ongoing maintenance costs
Reduction of incorrect form elements
Only one system for controlling the form functions

Our services for you

As far as possible we avoid to develop genuine SAP EWM forms.

SAP Formulare Leistungen

  • The form is only developed in SAP ERP.
  • The printout is triggered in SAP EWM by an RFC call into SAP ERP. Various parameters, e.g. the printer, are supplied.
  • Printing is done in the spool of SAP ERP on the printer specified in SAP EWM. The archive system is also stored in SAP ERP.
  • Certain fields that do not exist in SAP ERP, such as the picking quantity, are read in the EWM-managed storage location print program via an RFC call into SAP EWM.
  • The reprint functionality is implemented in SAP EWM. This allows the user to control all situations withinin the SAP EWM.
  • All control functions such as customizing, printing of text modules, printing of logo and form footer as well as the translation of the texts and variables are only maintained in SAP ERP.

However, there are forms that exist exclusively in the SAP EWM and can only be printed there. For example, it may be e.g.

  • Picking lists
  • Labels
  • Storage labels

These forms are developed in SAP EWM and are only available there.

Further informations regarding SAP EWM forms

SAP EWM forms are also one of the special topics in SAP form development.
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