GOS Grafik in SAP Adobe Form

Integration of a GOS graphic into an SAP Adobe form

In many SAP objects, Generic Object Services (GOS) can be used to link additional information to the object. In many cases, files (Word documents, Excel sheets), i.a. also graphics are uploaded to the object.

The following section describes how to read a graphic (BMP, JPG, PNG, …) for an SAP object and pass the binary content to the form to be displayed there.

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Delivery split in VL10C according to material and quantity

In the data transfer routine when creating deliveries for sales orders, the delivery split can be executed according to various criteria. However, it is not possible to realize a split by quantity, i. that a material may only be put into a delivery with a certain or maximum quantity.

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SAP Labelmanagement

Printing barcodes in SAP

Printing of bar codes in SAP is not associated with any particular difficulties. In the device type definition of your printer, you can check which barcode types are supported. If you want to check whether your printer prints barcodes without other activities, call the standard text SAPSCRIPT-BARCODETEST with the ID ST and print the default text. If the standard text does not already exist, you must copy the standard text from the client 000 using Utilities -> Copy from client. If no barcodes are visible on the printout, then you have the following options for teaching your printer the barcodes.

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The Software Development Process in SAP

The software development process definition is one of the most neglected jobs in the SAP Competence Center’s area of responsibility. This job ain’t done by hiring of a few developers, particularly when they aren’t employees, but external freelancers.

It’s like a soccer team: There are several different roles, which must been taken on and there is a coach, who defines the tactics. The interplay of functional consultants, developers, key users, system administrators and – yes! – quality managers is as important as that each of them wants to do the best work they can, work that they can be proud of.

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SAP Adobe Forms

SAP Adobe Forms

Migrating to Adobe Forms is usually a matter of debate, if you are an SAP user for several years. Because then, a fundamental redesign of the existing forms is often the order of the day. There are multiple reasons for that:

  • In the SAP implementation phase, the development of forms was not given the necessary attention.
  • The forms can no longer maintained without causing unforeseen errors.
  • The department draws up requirements which can not be realized with SAPScript or Smart Forms.
  • Customers or the IT auditor require archiving forms in PDF/A format.
  • The number of errors with the existing SAP forms in productive system has exceeded the acceptable level.
  • The use of an external output management system is too expensive or has major weaknesses in SAP integration and should be replaced by a solution within the SAP environment.

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Warenanhänger VDA 4902

Create VDA label 4902 in SAP

The packaging data are sent by EDI in a precisely defined structure to the automobile manufacturer. As a rule, the automobile manufacturer already provides the packing instructions. If the materials are then packaged physically, the labels are also printed. Important is that the data on the label are identical to the corresponding  EDI data. When e.g. in the EDI data the unit has been transferred as package type 006280, the printer can not print 6280 on the label. That is, blanks and leading zeros in the EDI data are also to be printed on the label or coded in the barcode.

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SAP Projekt

Seven golden rules for a successful SAP project

  • Engage the best consultants
  • Let the fingers of a fixed-price project
  • Set a realistic Go Live date
  • Control your project with an effective task management software (JIRA!)
  • Provide suitable project spaces with appropriate technical equipment
  • See developers as an important part of the project team
  • Do not overestimate yourself – do not dare the big throw with all SAP products (APO, EWM, GTS, …)

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Filling the LZB flag in the Idoc input INVOIC

In certain cases, it is necessary to set the LZB indicator in the IDoc input INVOIC.

The LZB indicator is a mandatory field. The LZB indicator can be filled in userexit EXIT_SAPLIEDI_102 (extension FEDI0001).

The following is an example of coding:

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SAP Adobe Forms Überschreiten Fonthöhe 3

Tutorial Adobe Scripting (2): Dynamic determination of the font height in an SAP Adobe form

In an SAP Adobe Forms form, the content of a field is to be displayed at a certain font height. However, it can be that the variable exceeds the size of the field when a certain number of characters are exceeded. In this case, the font height should be reduced. In the following a workaround […]

Rollouts uns Global Template für SAP Formulare

Creating a Tax Indicator Export to SAP Sales Documents

The content of many fields in the document, the logic of many fields and texts in forms, and also follow-on actions depend on whether the transaction is internal or has been exported abroad in SAP sales documents (order-delivery – billing document).

The following case distinction must often be made:

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