SAP Projekt

Seven golden rules for a successful SAP project

  • Engage the best consultants
  • Let the fingers of a fixed-price project
  • Set a realistic Go Live date
  • Control your project with an effective task management software (JIRA!)
  • Provide suitable project spaces with appropriate technical equipment
  • See developers as an important part of the project team
  • Do not overestimate yourself – do not dare the big throw with all SAP products (APO, EWM, GTS, …)

Many SAP projects are shattering the introductory company in its foundations. Instead of the hoped-for growth in efficiency, many areas, especially logistics, are experiencing sustained losses in productivity. Frequently, it takes months, if not years, to comoensate for thease losses in productivity.



The cause can be found in many cases in the way of project management. The complexity of an SAP project can not be mastered with conventional methods and the use of tools with many media breaks. Agile project management with the automation of as many project steps as possible and the life of a clearly defined workflow with clearly defined project roles are key to a successful SAP project.

The first task before the actual SAP project is the introduction and use of a web-based tool for task and project management. And there is currently no better tool than JIRA von Atlassian.