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Creating a Tax Indicator Export to SAP Sales Documents

The content of many fields in the document, the logic of many fields and texts in forms, and also follow-on actions depend on whether the transaction is internal or has been exported abroad in SAP sales documents (order-delivery – billing document).

The following case distinction must often be made:

– No export

– Export from EU to EU country

– Export from EU to a third country

– Export from third countries in the EU

– Export of third countries to a third country

So that these cases do not have to be recalculated every time in terms and formulas or in every form and program, it is advisable to create a “Tax Indicator Export” in a userexit in the customer order and to append this as a ZZ field to the table VBAK . This “control indicator export” can then be transferred as a ZZ field into the delivery (table LIKP) and the billing document (table VBRK) via a data transfer routine in the copy control.

By means of such a “tax indicator export”, conditions, messages and processes for Intercompany can then be conveniently controlled by Customizing.

The coding of a function module for the determination of a “Tax indicator export” is presented below.

Create a domain ZZTAXEL_DOM

  • Length CHAR 1

Creating a Data Element ZZTAXEL_E

Datenelement ZZTAXEL_D

Extend the VBAK table by the ZZTAXEL field

– Append on table VBAK

Creating a Function Module Z_SD_DETERMINE_TAXEL

Installing the function module in the userexit SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE in the program MV45AFZZ

Display the field VBAK-ZZTAXEL in the customer order in the additional data B

– Dynpro

Completion of data transfer routines for delivery and billing

  • Extend the tables LIKP and VBRK by the ZZTAXEL field
  • Completing the data transfer routines header delivery and header billing to fill the field LIKP-ZZTAXEL or VBRK-ZZTAXEL

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