SAP Labelmanagement

Printing barcodes in SAP

Printing of bar codes in SAP is not associated with any particular difficulties. In the device type definition of your printer, you can check which barcode types are supported. If you want to check whether your printer prints barcodes without other activities, call the standard text SAPSCRIPT-BARCODETEST with the ID ST and print the default text. If the standard text does not already exist, you must copy the standard text from the client 000 using Utilities -> Copy from client. If no barcodes are visible on the printout, then you have the following options for teaching your printer the barcodes.

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DELL goes out of the printer business

Take care when purchasing new printers. Dell plans to move out of the printer business – at least in Europe and Asia. At the moment, there are residuals at reduced prices. Repairs, spare parts and toner should be passed on.