Extend the VA05 and VA05N with additional or customer-specific fields

The transactions VA05 and also the VA05N should be extended by additional fields or customer-specific fields.

First, the VA05 is modified as described in OSS Note 350068. In structure VBMTV there is the in-building structure VBMTVZ for customer enhancements. An Append ZAVBMTVZ is appended to structure VBMTVZ, which in turn includes structure ZZVBMTV.

Structure ZZVBMTV contains the additional fields to be displayed in VA05.

In include V05TZZMO, the additional fields of structure VBMTV can be filled now by ABAB coding.

By calling the field catalog in VA05, the additional fields in the list view can now be added.

To display the additional fields in the VA05N, all that is needed now is to extend the structure SERPSLS_GENDOC. For this purpose, an append is added in structure SERPSLS_GENDOC and the structure ZZVBMTV (see VA05) is included in this append.

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