SAP Adobe Forms

SAP Adobe Forms

Migrating to Adobe Forms is usually a matter of debate, if you are an SAP user for several years. Because then, a fundamental redesign of the existing forms is often the order of the day. There are multiple reasons for that:

  • In the SAP implementation phase, the development of forms was not given the necessary attention.
  • The forms can no longer maintained without causing unforeseen errors.
  • The department draws up requirements which can not be realized with SAPScript or Smart Forms.
  • Customers or the IT auditor require archiving forms in PDF/A format.
  • The number of errors with the existing SAP forms in productive system has exceeded the acceptable level.
  • The use of an external output management system is too expensive or has major weaknesses in SAP integration and should be replaced by a solution within the SAP environment.

In this situation, the desire to replace existing SAP forms with a migration to Adobe Forms is growing. SAP offers a migration tool from Smart Forms to Adobe Forms, which is only very limited. There is no migration tool for SAPScript.

Learn more about the very poor tool for migrating SmartForms to Adobe Forms.

A clear definition of the project objective is important. A migration to Adobe Forms is not just the transition to a new form technology, but one should consider such a project as an opportunity to learn from past experiences and to put the relevant forms on a stable, forward-looking basis.

The key challenge is the integration of the form logic into Adobe Forms, which has grown over the years.

In most cases a new development of the forms is necessary. Initial analyzes of the project scope often lead to the fact that the effort involved in migrating to Adobe Forms is comparable to the effort of the form development in the SAP implementation.

solidforms als erfahrener Partner

Now it is appropriate to contact solidforms. Especially when migrating from SAP forms to Adobe Forms, we can fully exploit our strengths on all fronts.

  • Many years of experience with SAP forms saves you up to 70% of the costs.
  • By using the solidforms form templates, you save not only costs but also reduce the project run time.
  • The use of the solidforms form kit ensures a high quality standard, accelerates the project process and offers you a high degree of investment security in the long term.
  • Upon request, we transfer our knowledge to your in-house developers as part of a know-how transfer. This enables you to carry out future developments with your own resources.

Migration to Adobe Forms in Detail

Analysis & Targetting

Determine the flow logic in the forms and print programs

  • Interviews with the Keyusers
  • Analysis of forms and print programs

Design & Development

Development of forms and print programs

  • Installation of solidforms form templates
  • Make additions
  • permanent testing

Testing & Go Live

Integration test und Go Live support

  • Final finetuning
  • Tests with productive scenarios
  • Corrections and additions after Go Live


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Case Study Migration to Adobe Forms

How a migration to Adobe Forms is realized in detail, please look at our Case Study.

Case Study: Migration of sales forms to Adobe Forms

A company in the wood industry had introduced SAP in the late 1990s. After more than 10 years as a SAP user, one had started at a point where the sales forms could not be expanded without producing a chain of unforeseen consequential errors.

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