Put SAP forms company-wide to a solid basis

The development of a global template in SAP ERP has the goal of building a cost-efficient IT landscape through the company-wide optimization and harmonization of business processes. In practice, the poorly-programmed forms from the SAP implementation are often used as templates to make them available to the subsidiaries with limited changes.

At the latest after the third rollout, you can reach your limits as the forms are no longer editable. The chaotic form development since the introduction of SAP has resulted in errors that can not be solved without further error sources.

Rollouts uns Global Template für SAP Formulare

Our approach to form development opens considerable productivity gains in the form rollout to subsidiaries.

In this situation, we can bring order to chaos again. The strict separation between data selection and form layout, the use of standardized form templates combined with the tools of the solid.FormKit allow the form development to run on a regular basis in the long run. The control of many texts and individual fields per company codee creates transparency in the form content and lets you configure many elements per company code without programming.

Our services for you

On the basis of the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, we are developing forms which, due to their inherent robustness, can be integrated into many company codes. This way you gain a long-term degree of investment security in the form development.

SAP Formulare Leistungen

For rollouts and the creation of global templates for SAP forms, we offer the following services:

  • Creating global templates for SAP forms based on your specifications
  • Development of a general test plan per form
  • Use of our form templates as a basis for the form development
  • Training your employees about the functionality of the solid.FormKit tools
  • Development of forms, print programs and labels

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